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" As a brand new guitarist at age 53, I felt very welcomed by Bonnie to pick up the electric guitar. I've discovered a passion for this instrument with Bonnie, who allows me to progress at a comfortable pace.
Bonnie's love for all things stringed is infectious. She can also accommodate totally different learning styles - from reading music to playing almost totally by ear. There's always new music to try from her extensive list of arrangements. Learning guitar is something I prioritise now every week.

- Jo

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" It's fun. Bonnie makes jokes and the whole lesson goes fast without knowing. "

- Raik, age 8

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" ... a friend put me in contact with Bonnie. Bonnie was very welcoming and supportive of the boys and their confidence and their skills grew in leaps and bounds. Bonnie has been teaching our children for around 5+ years, we love her enthusiasm and endless effort, offering the children engaging lessons with a fine mixture of challenge and fun. Thanks so much Bonnie for helping our children express their love of music! "

- Adrie, mum to Kyle, age 15 and Trysten, age 13

" Bonnie is 100% committed to my guitar journey. She is patient when I am learning a new skill and encourages me to do my best. I look forward to my weekly lesson with Bonnie "

- Maddie, age 10

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" Bonnie provides a warm and supportive environment for her students. She makes it easy for beginners with minimal or no musical background to understand the basics of music theory and guitar techniques in a structured manner. Most importantly, she allows her students to enjoy the music. She is very encouraging in her teaching style and also accommodates her students with overzealous requests, helping her students to be in their comfort zone while exploring their capabilities. She is an excellent guitarist herself and very down to earth. "

- John

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