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I started playing a few chords on guitar when I was ten years old. One day while messing around, I accidentally discovered how to do picking - I was incredibly excited. My mum was always playing her old Simon & Garfunkel records in the background and I spent hours trying to copy the picking patterns I was hearing.

In my teenage years I moved into classical guitar playing and worked my way through the AMEB syllabus, taking the exams and learning the scales and theory. When I got to Uni, I joined a string band called Marmalade Jamm. We played at various cafes and community radio stations and it's where I discovered the joy of playing with other people. Later I moved to England where I was travelling and working in the graphic design industry. While I was there, I studied and played most of the Trinity School of Music syllabus. Almost eight years later, I returned to Sydney and once my children were at school, I began teaching music lessons from 2012.

These days, I'm pretty busy: I'm a private music teacher for five days a week (Mon-Thurs and all of Saturday), as well as playing in three bands, for which I compose and arrange a lot of the music. In recent years, I've been learning about music production, so that I can produce good quality demo's for the songs that I write. It's another huge topic - there's always something to learn!


Stormy Beach


Gotta maintain the status quo
(released 2021)

I could only love a man with a beard
(released 2020)

Hunt the white stag
(released 2020)

To the river down
(released 2019)

Wanderer's Dance
(released 2019)

" Music is a weapon in the war against unhappiness." 

- Jason Mraz

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